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What supports you to thrive?

Doing things that feed and nurture your soul can help you to feel whole.. These soul nurturing activities can be as simple as basking outside in the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air, listening to your favourite music. Perhaps dancing, laughing with your best friend or reading a good book…
I love all of these but what really helps me to connect to my soul purpose is to create! I’m not artistic per say, I’m creative. I love art but I have not had any formal art training (Art therapy training, yes) nor do I call myself an artist! For me, engaging in the art process is about listening to my authentic self and giving her a voice to express her inner most desires, feelings, past hurts and achievements…
This page provides some activities to both inspire you and nurture your soul… enjoy!

Zentangles - doodling for mindfulness


'What are you carrying?' Activity

Letting Go Ritual

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