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Faceless Woman mixes paint with a brush on the palette. Art masterclass, art therapy

About Art Therapy

Sometimes there are no words to describe how we feel….
This is the gift of art therapy.
To allow the person to explore and express their experience, without words,
yet feel like the art speaks to them in ways that no one else could ever understand…

Art therapy combines traditional psychotherapeutic theories and techniques with an understanding of the psychological aspects of the creative process,
especially the affective properties of the different art materials. As a mental health profession, art therapy is employed in many clinical settings with
diverse populations. Art therapy can be found in non-clinical settings as well, such as in art studios and in workshops that focus on creative development

Art brush and colored inks in cans on a dark background.
Watercolor paints on a white blank paper on a blue background. Art therapy concept with copy space

The role of the Art Therapist is...

Providing onsite or mobile art therapy sessions in your home or workplace.
Therapeutic services tailored to adults, teens, children, families.
Sessions run for 90 minutes and the number of sessions required are dependent on individual need
From $165 per hour (inc GST)- individual session
$220 per hour (inc GST) – couples and family session
Concession available for Health Care Card Holders
Please note: Medicare rebates not currently available for art therapy services. NDIS self managed and plan managed funds welcome
Providing therapeutic group sessions for any issues/themes on request and as negotiated. All groups are facilitated usinga trauma informed and strength based approach. Groups can include:
Wellbeing groups
Mental health support groups
Social Action groups
Community development art project groups
Team building groups
Minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 participants.
Group sessions require a 3 hour minimum
Fees: advised at enquiry
Fees can be negotiated for community groups, NGO’s and concession card holders
Providing art therapy services for workplaces including team building sessions, employee counselling, community development projects utilising art based therapies and information sessions about art therapy
Fees apply as per group sessions. Further charges may apply for additional services or materials not listed here.
Payment options include: Cash, EFT and all group work and workplace services are provided with a tax invoice

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